App free engagement

Provide digital experiences to your audience easily via SMS without the risk or cost.
Plus there's no need for app-stores, downloading or logging in for your guests - it just feels like magic!

Ticketing Integrations

FOMO plugs into your ticketing service to create amazing digital experiences for every guest, visitor or booking.


Amazing interactive live voting, polling and Q&A tools can give any event the x-factor.


FOMO is the perfect sponsorship channel that engages guests before, during and after every event.


Be the first to hear insights about your business with powerful guest feedback and review tools.


Easily sell more tickets, merchandise, food, drink and other add-ons or increase donations and memberships with frictionless mobile payments.


FOMO uses the guest ticket data to create automated personalised experiences tailored to each event.

for your audience

Personal event experiences delivered

1. Purchase tickets

Guest purchases tickets as usual and FOMO automatically takes care of the rest.

2. Weblink via SMS

Guests receive their event experience and tickets as a weblink via SMS.

3. Experience enhanced

Guests enjoy a personalised 'gold class' experience with payments, content and feedback.


Your digital channel for each event

1. Setup Once

Setup and forget, just customise your experience and integrate a ticketing service.

2. Audience Activated

FOMO engages each ticket holder with timely content and powerful payment integrations.

3. Big Benefits

Enjoy increased sales, happier guests, better feedback and data using a service that guests love.

What is it?

FOMO is a feedback and payments overlay service

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“The FOMO team were exceptional in assisting us to design our event ticketing system.  They went above and beyond in communications, collaboration and creativity when seeking solutions to best suit the needs of The Clan Jam.”

- Suzi Blackburn, Founder