How Moomba is engaging the next generation

May 12, 2019
Case Study

Moomba has been the jewel in the crown of Melbourne's festival calendar for over 40 years. Not only that but Moomba also tops the charts as Australia's largest public festival with over 3.1 million guests thronging the banks of the Yarra river over the labour day long weekend.

MOOMBA by numbers

1.3 million - people Australia's largest public festival
40+ years - Melbourne’s premier family festival
Non-ticketed - Multi-day free event

*Images courtesy of Moomba festival

A classic experience engaging a new generation

The Birdman Rally is surely one of Moomba’s best loved and most talked about crowd pleasers. Each year a dozen or so teams launch themselves, and their homemade craft into the Yarra river in the hope of getting furthest to win glory and big money for their chosen charity.

Traditionally the Birdman rally has been a big drawcard with crowds coming from across Victoria to witness the spectacle. Now, however this engaged and passionate crowd cheering on for teams and charities is also connected, with a personal device in every pocket - providing amazing new opportunities to enhance classic experiences.

Enhance experience - Provide a first of its kind  interactive audience choice vote for the Birdman rally event.
Improve feedback - Provide qualitative guest reviews and to generate event insights.
Increase data - Quantitative audience and usage data to drive continual improvement.

Giving the Birdman Rally the X-factor.

Moomba + FOMO worked together to provide a brand new audience participation experience that would enable guests to vote live throughout the Birdman rally with results to be displayed as a live leaderboard.
Each team would mobilise thier fanbase at the festival to vote in a digital experience that ran live throughout the Birdman rally event. The team with the most votes would receive an additional cash bonus prize for their charity as well as receiving the glory of being the audience choice vote winner!

Harnessing the power of the crowd

As a non-ticketed event Moomba audiences were engaged by a unique Birdman URL (weblink) shared to attendees on the day through official social and signage. Attendees used this URL to access a unique FOMO LIVE Birdman rally experience using their personal device to vote.
When guests vote for their team they are prompted to leave ‘one tap’ feedback and an optional written review.
The Birdman experience was created using FOMO LIVE a guest engagement platform that works with any event to provide contextual ‘just in time’ content like maps, directions and schedules as well as event feedback.

*Images courtesy of Moomba festival

The first interactive Moomba event experience providing rich audience feedback & data.

As the first Birdman took flight audience participation increased exponentially measuring up to 2 votes per seconds recorded at peak. The crowds kept track on their teams progress via a gargantuan live digital scoreboard displaying the top three teams by audience vote as 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Crucially attendees not only used FOMO LIVE to support their favourite teams but also left overwhelmingly positive feedback on what they enjoyed, and also a few new ideas for consideration into next years event.
Moomba received not just new actionable insights but also demonstrated the willingness of their audience to engage with events that have a complementary digital component, opening the door for more and increasingly crazy, fun and valuable audience engagement experiences in the future.

~2 votes per second Recorded at peak during Birdman Rally event
1000+ unique audience members engaged
Actionable insights Quantitive and qualitative feedback collected