Top 5 Audience Engagement Do's and Dont's

May 12, 2019
Best Practice

Ok, so you have a million and one things on your to-do list before that next big festival, production, club night or plain old fashioned shin dig.

1. Do Communicate

Did you know that over 51% of event producers are creating events to either grow or educate a community? (Eventbrite 2018).

Engaging your attendees is key, but not all communication tools are made equal. Email is great at reaching alot of your audience has fabulously low open rates (12% Hospitality industry average - Mailchimp 2018), social is ok it's difficult to cut through between that cat video and the latest Donald Trump soundbites.

Over 50% of events are to grow or educate a community

FOMO is a new channel that uses your ticket data to create beautiful 'app like' experience that are sent to your attendees as a weblink via SMS, There's no app stores, logging in or fuss.

And the best thing? You can add pretty much any content you desire, coupled with the fact that our open rate is 85-90% for pre-event engagement it's a no wonder more and more event producers like you are using FOMO.

2. Don't miss out on marketing data

You're selling tickets to your latest soiree and they are selling like hot cake - well done you! But are you collecting the best attendee data? Or more importantly - who owns this data? Can you access it?

It's amazing how many ticketing services keep valuable attendees marketing data behind lock and key or don't collect any at all!

Are you collecting the best attendee data? Or more importantly - who owns this data?

Did you know that FOMO is not just an audience engagement service - we have a best in class 'smart-ticketing' service that works straight out the box. We don't like to shout about it, but if you're interested in having complete access and control of your attendee data and ticket sales we could be the perfect fit.

3. Do provide your digital event guide

There's no substitute for beautifully designed and immaculately produced physical programs and guides (we're big fans!).

However if you're operating within a ticket budget or time constraint it can be tricky to produce that perfect complementary collateral for every show. FOMO is a new personalised and event specific digital channel that works with every event. Just setup once, and shazam! all done.

You can use FOMO to communicate scheduling, behind the scenes content and personalised offers. All delivered to your attendees device via SMS before, during and after the show.

A FOMO digital event guide, sent via SMS! Nice eh?

4. Don't miss out on feedback

The shows over, the wave of relief and exuberance replaced last minute jitters and anxiety - you think it went off perfectly, and it's time to celebrate!

But wouldn't you like to know more? Wouldn't it be better if your attendees didn't just buy a ticket but left a review? It's amazing how little event organisers like you actually know about the sentiment of vast majority of their audience.

Well now there is a way, with FOMO we've carefully designed the whole experience to build trust and encourage feedback - providing a powerful new vector in to the hearts and minds of tour audience.

Why not schedule a demo and we can sit down together and show you how to unmute your audience!

Unmute your audience with up to 86% of attendees leaving reviews about your event

5. Do followup when they are hot!

So the sales are done, the money is in the bank and the feedback is in. Your guests loved the show! In fact they even left suggestion that you'll use to make your next show even more spectacular!

Well guess what? Now is the perfect time to make the most of that positive sentiment to use FOMO to sell merchandise from last nights show.

Contact us to arrange a demo and stop missing out on enhanced guest experience, bigger revenues and enhanced feedback.

CTO & Co-founder